Histoire Hotel Saint-Michel Bruxelles

Les débuts de l’Hotel Saint-Michel

House number 15 on the Grand place was originally the house of the Minster of “BRABANT”. The House was built during the middle age by a famous Belgian architect, called Meynaerts. At this place was in the Middle Ages, the “Meynaert steen”, that is to say the stone house of the Meynaerts.

Built on a sand hill, it served as a defense for the St Géry islet, disused during the construction of the first city wall, it was dismembered.

In 1441, it was expropriated by the city which restored it with the neighboring houses and brought them together in the same construction. After the bombardment of 1695, it was rebuilt the following year by the architect G. Debruyn and this group of 7 houses was then united under the same pediment. La Fortune was purchased by the Corporation des Tanneurs.

Les débuts de l’Hotel Saint-Michel

From the Grand Place, all you have to do is look up at the top of the Town Hall tower to admire it in its heroic fight against the dragon. But you can also turn your head towards the eponymous hotel which offers excellent value for money to stay in the most famous place in the world.

The view is absolutely exceptional from the front rooms, and largely compensates for the atmosphere of the great evenings which could well punctuate your dreams, especially in summer… But anyway, at one o’clock in the morning, it’s curfew on the main square. From early morning, the morning light gives the decor a completely surreal dimension and relief.

The first merchants install bouquets for the daily flower market and a few pigeons peck at the stray crumbs without worrying about the clear footsteps of the first onlookers on the ancient cobblestones. The day is looking good…